The team coach or activity advisor is the best source of information. The student should address concerns directly with him/her. If after your student speaks with the coach or advisor, you are not satisfied, the parent/guardian should speak to the coach. The next step would be for the parent/guardian and/or student to communicate with the athletic director or principal.

Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches/advisors:

  1. The treatment of your child mentally and physically
  2. Ways the parent can help the child to improve
  3. Concerns about your child’s behavior
  4. Scheduling conflicts
  5. Special needs or your student
  6. Medical history

Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaches:

  1. Team strategy
  2. Parts or positions
  3. Play calling
  4. Personal Information
  5. Coaches’ or advisors’ experience
  6. Playing time
  7. Other student athletes

It is very difficult to accept your child’s not participating as much as you may hope. Coaches and advisors are professionals and they make judgment decisions based on what they believe to be the best for all the students involved.

As you have seen from the list above, certain things can and should be discussed with your child’s coach or advisor. Other issues, such as those listed, must be left to their discretion. Please do not attempt to confront a coach or advisor before or after a practice, contest or event. These can be emotional times for both parties. Meetings of this nature usually do not promote resolution and set both parties up for failure.