According to NYSPHSAA Regulations, in order for a student to be eligible for interscholastic competition, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a registered student in school,
  • Enrolled in a minimum of four subjects, including physical education.

Duration of Competition (High School Level)

Students are eligible to compete for:

  • Four consecutive years upon entry into ninth grade.
  • Four years in one sport unless advanced by selective classification. Students reaching the age of 19 prior to July 1 may not participate during the school year.

Eligibility for Membership

Students are expected to commit themselves to team membership, attendance at school, and at practices/contests/events for the duration of the season or year.

When this commitment is not fulfilled, the student’s membership and position on the sport shall be reviewed by the coach or advisor with the student and a recommendation of action will be made by the coach to the athletic director or principal for review. Conditions for membership are as follows:

  1. Students are expected to attend all practices and contests/events unless excused by the coach or advisor. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the coach or advisor in advance, of any circumstances that would prohibit attendance at practice(s) or contest(s) or event(s) other than absence from school. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action ranging from a verbal warning to dismissal from the team dependent upon the nature and/or frequency of the offense.
  2. A student who is absent from school will not be eligible for participation in any athletic event or practice session on the day he or she is absent. The administration may permit participation when, in his/her judgment, the absence is unavoidable and supporting documentation signed by a parent or guardian is provided. Students are therefore advised to make requests for absence(s) in advance.
  3. Students are expected to be in school on time on a daily basis. All student athletes and club members will be subject to the BKW policy on tardiness.
  4. The coach or advisor will establish rules for attendance and participation. All members will be made aware of the rules and the coach or advisor will review these rules with all members. All members are expected to comply with and abide by the rules established for their group.

Eligibility for Participation

  1. A student’s absence(s) due to mandatory participation in family activities will not jeopardize the student’s team membership status. However, it is important to note that upon his or her return, the position previously held by the student may be held by another member. It is the returning student’s responsibility to regain his or her position through individual effort.
  2. The use, sale and/or possession of any controlled substance(s), such as alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia other that those prescribed by a physician is strictly prohibited.
  3. As a member, students should be mindful that they represent their school, family and community. Members are expected to have an obligation to conduct themselves as good citizens both in and out of school and the community. Students are expected to refrain from exhibiting any behavior(s) that violates the principles of good citizenship. In other words, never do anything that might bring embarrassment or an unfavorable view to yourself, your teammates, coaches, advisors, family, school or community.
  4. A student who participates in activities resulting in his/her arrest or formal charges being filed in a court of law may face additional penalties under this code. If the school district has adequate and competent evidence that the student participated in the offense for which he or she is charged, a penalty may be imposed pursuant to this code prior to completion of the criminal proceeding. If the school district does not have such evidence and the student is convicted of a crime (misdemeanor or felony), the penalty pursuant to this code will be imposed upon conviction. In the latter case, the athlete may continue to participate in his/her sport until resolution of the matter by the judicial system.
  5. Students may be suspended from extracurricular activities for a period not exceeding seven (7) days by the coach or advisor for violations of rules. Students who feel unjustly suspended may ask for a review of the case by a committee consisting of the coach, advisor, the principal, and the athletic director if sport related. Nothing herein shall be deemed to limit a coach or advisor in determining the extent of participation in any game or practice. Permanent suspensions may not take place until a meeting has been held between the student involved, the parent/guardian, the coach, the secondary school principal, and the athletic director. The secondary school principal or his/her designee will make the final decision regarding permanent suspension. Permanent suspension shall occur only after a finding of persistent violation of governing rules. Any appeal of a permanent suspension is to be made first to the superintendent of schools.

Academic Eligibility

  1. Any student who is failing two or more subjects, or equivalent will be placed on academic probation and will be suspended from participation for one calendar week.
  2. A list will be compiled by the guidance Department, grade 7-12, of every student who is failing two or more subjects at the end of each 5-week interim period and at report card time. A student will have two weeks to make up an incomplete. Should the incomplete not be made up in the allotted 2-week period, it will be treated as a failure.
  3. The Guidance Department will prepare the list of students with failing subjects the Friday after the end of the evaluation period. Suspensions will go into effect the following Monday.
  4. Suspended students will be notified by their coach or advisor on the Friday before the suspension is in effect. Should a student improve in the failing subjects – to the point where he/she is passing – but is still failing one subject(s), he/she will be eligible for participation after the initial week suspension. However, if the student is still failing two or more subjects, the suspension will continue for one more week.
  5. Conditions of the Suspension:
  • Student will be suspended from participation in interscholastic contests, scrimmages, events and activities. During the suspension, the student will have to sit on the team bench in street clothes on game day. In addition, suspensions will prevent participation in end-of-season banquets and awards ceremonies.
  • Coaches or advisors may permit the student to practice with the team provided they make arrangements for after-school assistance with the teachers whose subjects they are failing. Each day, they will be allowed to practice, provided that they bring a signed form from the teacher indicating they have been in for after-school help for a minimum of forty (40) minutes and present that to the coach, who will then give it to the athletic director and principal.
  • This procedure will follow again the next week. If the student is suspended for five weeks, he/she will be terminated from that sport for the remainder of that sport season or activity.