Withdrawal/Changing Sports

A student who wishes to resign from one team and become a candidate for another team must follow the procedure listed below:

  • This decision must be made prior to the first interscholastic contest in the sport to be withdrawn from.
  • The student involved must personally communicate his/her intention to the coach, and is not allowed to stop attending practice until this has been done. Failing to follow this procedure results in suspension from further sports during that season.
  • After informing the original coach, the student must request a review of the case through a form obtained from the athletic director indicating reasons for withdrawing and a request to try out for another team.
  • The case will be reviewed by the coaches involved, the student, and the athletic director within two days of the request.
  • Students allowed to switch sports must first return all equipment issued to the original coach before he/she may begin practice with the new team.
  • A student wishing to reconsider and rejoin the team must notify the head coach within 48 hours or forfeit the chance.