Physical Examinations

All students in grades 7-12 who desire to participate in interscholastic athletics must receive an approved physical examination and a medical history update. The physical examination must be approved by the school physician. No student will be allowed to tryout, practice, or participate with any team without a required physical examination. There are no exceptions.

Physical examinations will be provided by the school district at various times during the school year and athletes should see the school nurse to set up an appointment. As a parent/guardian, you may have your son/daughter examined by your family physician, if you so desire. The district medical form must be completed and returned directly to the school health office. Failure to provide proof of a physical examination and proper health forms will prevent an athlete from participating at any level.

Physical examinations are valid for one calendar year. All injured athletes that have been seen by a physician must be released (signed statement of release) by the examining physician in order to resume participation with their team. This release must be filed with the school nurse prior to resuming practice or competition. In cases of a long term or severe injury, clearance by the school physician may also be necessary prior to the return of the athlete.

Note: Parental consent forms as well as medical history update forms must be completed and returned to the school prior to the first practice. Also, if a student misses seven or more calendar days of participation, he/she will be required to participate in half of the required number of practice necessary for their original participation in that sport.