Physical Education and Health Science

Course Descriptions

Athletic Training & Nutrition Concepts

 Grades: 11 – 12                                                                                                   Exam: final exam

Prerequisite: Health

This course is a one semester elective that provides students with an overview of fitness and training concepts and principles that are necessary for long term physical health and physical performance.  This course will emphasize an understanding of total body health and wellness through fitness and proper nutrition, a basic understanding of the muscle systems and kinesiology, and aims to teach individuals how to lead a healthy and happy life.  This course will consist of the following: class discussions on and execution of a variety of fitness/exercise concepts, learning basic nutrition, stress relief techniques, and weight management education.  Students will be equipped with the capacity of intelligently evaluate all available sources of fitness and nutritional information, and make informed health and wellness decisions.

Health (required)

Grades: 10-12                                                                                                     Exam: final exam

This course is a skills-based curriculum based on the New York State guidelines. Students will focus on the six essential skills of communication: decision-making; planning and goal setting; stress-management; self-management; advocacy, and relationship management. These skills will be mastered using functional knowledge of drug awareness, human sexuality, personal health and fitness, and violence prevention.  This is a half year course and students will earn ½ credit. Students must successfully complete this course in order to earn their high school diploma.

Physical Education (required every year)

Grades: 9-12                              

Exam:  NYS Physical Fitness Test and Skills and Written Tests

Two units of this course are required in order for student to earn their diploma.

This course is designed to provide students with the basic background and skills necessary to compete and enjoy team sports and other physical lifetime activities; to aid in the development of physical fitness; to develop an appreciation of the benefits of physical activities; and to make a contribution to the development of a healthy life style.  The course requirements necessitate that students wear appropriate attire, work to their ability, and be cooperative in class.  This is an all year every other day course and students will earn ½ credit.

Independent Physical Education

Grades: 11-12

This course is an option ONLY for students who cannot fit a high school Physical Education class into their daily schedule due to conflicts with other REQUIRED courses. Students with long-term medical issues preventing them from participating in the regular Physical Education curriculum are also eligible for this course.  Students enrolled in this course will be required to document their outside activities weekly and are responsible for all written assignments required in the Physical Education curriculum.

Sports & Medicine

Grades: 11 – 12                                                                                                    Exam: final exam

Prerequisite: Health (completion or currently enrolled)

This course is designed for students who are interested in health/sport related careers.  Students will explore various careers through a number of guest speakers from local businesses and attend field trips to observe careers in action. Students will also gain a basic understanding of prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries, and gain a working knowledge of the human body as it relates to sport.