Art Department

Students must complete one unit of Art and/or Music in order to graduate. A student may elect a five-unit art sequence in place of the three-unit foreign language sequence for the Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.

Half credit/half year courses are denoted. Courses without parenthesis after them are full credit/full year courses.

Sequence of Study

9th grade courses

  • Studio in Art
  • Foundations in Art (1/2 credit)

10th grade courses

  • Drawing and Painting *
  • Studio in Art
  • Foundations in Art (1/2 credit)
  • Studio in Graphic Design (1/2 credit)
  • Studio in Pottery (1/2 credit)
  • Studio in Sculpture (1/2 credit)

11th and 12th grade courses

  • AP Art History *
  • Drawing and Painting *
  • Studio in Art
  • Advanced Drawing and Painting * (1/2 credit)
  • Foundations in Art (1/2 credit)
  • Photography I (1/2 credit)
  • Photography II (1/2 credit)
  • Independent Art (1/2 credit, needs teacher approval)
  • Studio in Graphic Design (1/2 credit)
  • Studio in Pottery (1/2 credit)
  • Studio in Sculpture (1/2 credit)
  • Technology and the Arts (1/2 credit)

*Courses marked with an asterisk have prerequisites

Course Descriptions

Advanced Drawing & Painting I and II

Grades: 11 – 12                                    Exam: Portfolio review and artist statement      

Prerequisite: Drawing and Painting

This course focuses on classical drawing and painting techniques while working primarily with the figure and still life objects.  Sketchbook assignments will explore observation, perception, techniques, creativity and self-expression.  Students will add artworks, critiques, and writings to their portfolios.

Advanced Placement (AP) Art History

Grades: 11-12                                             Exam: midterm/final exam/AP exam in May

Prerequisite: Studio in Art or AP World History

College Credit:  Course has a fee for the AP exam and a fee from the college for taking the class. Students may earn college credit based on the AP exam grade and individual college policies for earning college credits.

 Life, Art, Culture!  This course is reading and writing intensive using a standard college text and many supplemental readings.  Field trips, PowerPoint, lectures, and discussions create the forum for the self-motivated student to learn about the world through art and history.  There is a comprehensive paper due in May before the exam and a final project due in June.  Field trips that are not mandatory are continually offered for students.

Drawing & Painting

Grades: 10 – 12                                             Exam: final exam and portfolio review         

Prerequisite: Studio in Art

This course is intended for the serious art student who loves to draw and paint and may be considering pursuing art as a career or hobby after graduation.  This course will challenge a student’s ability and encourage a personal approach. A variety of media will be used to explore still life, portraiture, landscape and interior drawings with an emphasis on observation. Art history, art criticism and some theory will assist the students in forming their own value judgments about art. Students will be required to complete sketchbook drawings.

Foundations in Art

Grades: 9 – 12                                                                                 Exam: project based exam

This course can be combined with Graphic Design, Photography (11-12), Studio in Pottery (10-12), and Studio in Sculpture (10-12) for a full credit to meet the graduation requirements for the arts.  It may also be combined with courses in music (band or chorus) or technology (design & drawing).  This course will explore a range of mediums and styles.

Independent Art

Grades: 11 – 12                 Exam: Art show/portfolio review and artist’s statement

Prerequisite: teacher recommendation

This course is for the student who has taken all of the art electives and wants to pursue art after high school.  A contract is developed and strictly adhered to for the course.  Students are required to complete seat time for the whole of the class, produce a digital portfolio of their work and participate in critiques.  A final artist’s statement and showcasing of the work is in place of a final exam.

Studio in Art

Grades: 9 – 12                                                                Exam: unit exams/portfolio review

Prerequisite: 80 or above in Art 8 / teacher recommendation                 

This course is intended to meet the high school arts requirement and is for the serious art student who enjoys art and would like to learn more about artists, art history and talking/writing about art.  The projects are linked to artists, art history, aesthetics and techniques. Self and group critiques as well as unit tests are a vital part of this course.  Students will explore different mediums through the use of pencil, watercolor, charcoal, tempera and acrylic paints, printmaking and clay.  Attention to detail, an excellent work ethic and ability to meet deadlines are necessary to succeed in this course.

Studio in Graphic Design

Grades: 10 – 12                                                      Exam: final exam and portfolio review

This course will explore the essentials of graphic design which include research, typography, layout, logos, and logotypes. Students will develop a knowledge and understanding of the skills used in advertising design through creative problem solving for visual communication. Students will gain experience with industry standard computer programs using both the PC and Apple platforms.  This course will expose students to the many careers available in the field of advertising design and marketing.

Studio in Pottery

Grades: 10 – 12                                                      Exam: final exam and portfolio review

This course will explore the medium of clay and surface design with various types of glaze, sgraffito and textural techniques creating hand built pieces.  Functional works based on studies of artists and cultures will be added to portfolios. Offered every other year.

Studio in Sculpture

Grades: 10 – 12                                                      Exam: final exam and portfolio review

This course provides opportunities for self-expression in three-dimensional design in a variety of media and techniques. Students will work with clay, plaster, wood, mixed media, and glass. This course offers both aesthetic and technical experiences as well as critiques and class discussions through reading, writing, drawing, and speaking.  History of sculptors and the medium will be incorporated into every project. Offered every other year.

Technology and the Arts

Grades: 11 – 12                                  Exam: project based exam and portfolio review

Prerequisites:  Web Design and Studio in Graphic Design    

Are you interested in seeing the magic that can happen when you combine skills from technology and art?  Come explore ideas in web design with some art skills added such as 3-D printing using sculptural ideas and laser printing on different mediums.  This course will open some new and exciting doors.