Student Clubs and Activities

  • Make all arrangements for student activities/events through the class/activity advisor and the principal.
  • Fill out the activity form and building use form. If special rooms are needed, the sponsor notifies the appropriate faculty member. Obtain form from the main office a week in advance and have it signed by advisor and principal.
  • Obtain required number of faculty chaperones at least a week before the activity is held. A minimum number of four (4) is required; six (6) are required for dances.  Principal and sponsor will determine the required chaperone number for other activities.
  • Arrange with the cafeteria manager if kitchen facilities are needed.
  • If there are decorations or refreshments, a clean-up committee is required.
  • Ensure that if there is entertainment (music), the financial arrangements must be handled through extra-curricular funds.
  • If funds are handled, they are to be secured in the school vault and deposited through the extra-curricular fund the next school day.