Student Driving and Parking

Parking is a privilege available to seniors in good standing academically and behaviorally and to eligible juniors in good standing providing space is available. Recreational vehicles or tractors are not permitted on school grounds.

Students must obtain a Parent Permission/Vehicle Registration Form from the Main Office. This form must be renewed each year. All vehicles must be properly listed on the registration form as a permit and mirror tag (FOB) will be issued per vehicle. No FOBs will be issued unless the form is returned. Students who drive must be present in their 1st period class on time, unless this is a senior privilege.

A. Parking Rules

All vehicles must be properly registered with the FOB properly displayed.

  • Vehicle must be properly parked.
  • Students must remove keys and lock vehicles.
  • Students must enter school immediately upon parking.
  • Students are not allowed in vehicles during the school day. If a student must return to his/her vehicle after parking, he/she must obtain permission from the main office.
  • Students are expected to arrive at school and be present in first period class/study hall on time. (Excessive tardiness will result in loss of privileges as outlined  in attendance policy.)

Failure to observe the above regulations WILL will result in loss of parking privileges and may also result in other disciplinary responses disciplinary action.

Moving Violations

School property is an extension of public roads and drivers are subject to normal highway rules and regulations.

All moving violations will result in a loss of parking privileges as listed below and prosecution under motor vehicle law if applicable.

Examples of moving violations include:

  • Speeding (maximum speed on school grounds is 10 MPH).
  • Passing school buses with their flashing red lights on.
  • Breaking into the line of buses while either entering or exiting the lot.
  • Reckless driving (squealing tires, excessive speed for the conditions, horseplay, etc.).
  • Truancy (including leaving school grounds in any vehicle without following proper procedures).
  • Riding in any vehicle to or from BOCES without PRIOR prior parent and school authorization and written permission from BOCES.

Moving violations will result in suspension of privileges and disciplinary action.