Academic Ineligibility

At each five week reporting period and at the conclusion of each 10 week marking period, students failing two or more subjects will be placed on the academic ineligibility list.  After these lists are published, faculty members may submit to the Principal or Associate Principal, at any time, the names of those students who have experienced a more recent decline in their academic performance to the point of failure.  These students will be added to the next published list of academically ineligible students.  Revised lists will be compiled and become effective on Monday of each week. Students who are ineligible are notified in writing by the Principal or Associate Principal as to the subjects they are failing which make them ineligible.

Upon completion of a 10 and 20 week course, students receiving a failing grade will be marked as an incomplete/failure. The presence of two or more negative comments, as well as, the “currently failing” comment, will place the student on the ineligibility list for the subsequent 5-week period.  The student will then have the option to complete any necessary assignments/tests etc., required for a passing grade. Once the student has completed all necessary requirements, they may be removed from the ineligibility list, immediately, if otherwise eligible.  If the student fails to complete these requirements by the end of the five-week period, the final grade will be recorded as a failure, but the student will no longer be penalized for that course failure.

Students desiring to be removed from academic ineligibility status must demonstrate to their teachers that they are performing satisfactorily. After the student and teacher have reached a verbal agreement that the student has returned to satisfactory academic standing in the particular class, the student must pick up a form from the Secondary School Office, have the teacher sign the form and return the form to the office.  If the Principal so approves, the student may be removed from academic ineligibility immediately.