Message about school closures from Dr. Mundell

Hi everyone,

I am sure you have heard the Governor’s directive closing schools for the remainder of the school year. We all have many questions about many matters on the decisions. At this time, I do not have answers to many of those questions. As we move through this executive order, we will determine all of the details, and plan a course of action for each part.

First, please know, our senior class has already been involved in planning their ”special“ graduation. They deserve the right to do so. It will be a unique and wonderful event. Most importantly, their voice ensures it is their event, not ours.

Parents have many questions about lockers, yearbooks, and personal items, etc. Once we have a grip on details of the order and needs of our community, we will have a plan to accommodate all of those needs. We are in new territory, please be patient, especially because we have building renovations going on.

Our hearts are with all of our kids, and our community. BKW has done a simply terrific job during the last seven weeks. No one could have predicted this event, and the shift we made has been remarkable. Yet, school is about relationships and social interaction. Those are sorely missed. To close schools abruptly for safety, is one thing. To end the year, without a feeling of closure surely impacts students of all ages. All of our staff also feel the sense emotions that students and parents are feeling.

We are in this together, and we will come out stronger. Talking with one another, caring for one another, hoping and dreaming with one another will take us through this time. Please stay healthy. Be safe. We will continue to provide information as it comes in.

If we are tight as a community, we will shine for our kids. BKW strong!!!

Dr. Timothy Mundell
BKW Superintendent of Schools