Congratulations BKW Most Responsible Students!

BKW Elementary students are doing a great job learning from home, and their hard work and dedication has earned them the honor of being named BKW Most Responsible Students. They were nominated by their teachers for being very responsible with their lesson activities during this remote learning period.

The honored students received a certificate and a letter from Mrs. Landry, elementary principal, that read:

Congratulations on being a BKW Responsible student!
You have been nominated by one of your teachers for doing an outstanding job demonstrating your learning during this time away from regular school.
We recognize “school at home” has been very challenging and are really impressed with the resilience, hard-work and dedication you have shown on your assignments, projects and lessons during this remote learning period.
We are all very proud of you!
Keep up the great work Bulldogs!           
Mrs. Landry

Congratulations to our long (and Bulldog proud!) list of Most Responsible Students, including:
Enzo Gitto
Sophie Blanck
Orion Hazen
Kellen Bates

Truett Drescher
Katelin Heitzman
George Albert
Karsten Snyder
Abigail Robinson
Austin Geel

1st Grade:
Jazzel Hoyt
Logan Richardson
Trever Taber
Jameson McDermott
Cora Evans
Gianna Spinnato

2nd Grade:
Lawrence Hubbard
McKenzie Haley
Peter Mertens
Joe Abbruzzese
William West
Kallie Bates

3rd Grade:
Stephanie Mauer
Jameson Poole
Molly Shaver
Giuseppe Viglione
Triton Hoeflich
Alexa Hubbard

4th Grade:
Anna Lefkaditis
Cayden Beck
Alissa Simpson
Jack McDermott
Mathias Brooking
Emily Jackson

5th Grade:
Eden Elble
Henry Ferguson
Saige Hellwig
James Ableman
Charlotte Elble
Justin Stevens

6th Grade:
Dane Delorm
Ethan Simpson
Jerald Clickman
Matthew Dwyer
Raylee Fryer
Liliana Hughes

Special Areas
Chloe Blanck (6)
Keenan Filkins (4)
Ryan Kachris (4)
Broden Coraldi (2)
Bella Hess (2)

Lorelei Kuhn (6)
Joaquin Abraham (5)

Blake Quay (6)
Brady Quay (5)

Tracy Freer (3)
Roger Schultz (3)

Mrs. Fisher:
Jayden Mosbey (4)
Rileigh Miller (3)

Mrs. Brazee:
Waishard Walker (2)

Mr. Vogel:
Abagail Peck (3)
Kennedy Roe (4)

Mrs. Buehler:
Carson Daguillo (5)