More awards for more students who were Ready to Learn

At the end of each school year, BKW Elementary recognizes students for outstanding effort in their studies by presenting Ready to Learn Awards. While the awards are typically given to one student per grade, the switch to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic this spring brought out the best in elementary learners, leading BKW Elementary teachers and Principal Annette Landry to bestow Ready to Learn Awards upon dozens of students. 

“Our students did an exceptional job during the remote learning period. They were prepared, ready to learn and they worked hard,” said Principal Landry. “We are all very proud of them.”

Each student will receive a certificate, which will be sent home with their report card.

Bryse Coraldi
Gunner Duncan
Caiden Garry
Zoey Jackson
Payton Maloney
Bella Jones-Nosal

Levi Carl
Dominic Dale
Eliseo Franze
Isabelle McDermott
Benjamin Needham
Penny Prior
Wyatt Seibert
Madeline Wyckoff
Eden Zayachek 

Grade 1:
Brandon Cassidy
Reece Gumpper
Hailey Hannan
Jazzel Hoyt

Robert Hughes
Anna Ives
Kendall Kirker
Haley Mertens
Bryson Prusky
Corbin Smith

Grade 2:
Landon Ansbro
Thomas Beauharnous
Broden Coraldi
Hunter Duell
Isaac Henaghan

Addison Lendrum

Mason Mackey
Abigail Miller
Daniel O’Connell
Tristan Quinn

Grade 3:
Andrew Bates
Aurianna Bradley

Jordan Buie
Paisley Bunt
Hunter Figueroa

Landen Johnson
Jena Sisson
Aidan Smith
Skyler Stevens

Grade 4:
Eric Bates
Brian Blakeslee
Emeire Campbell
Christopher Dwyer
Cailie Hardymon
Addison Heitzman
Madison Heitzman
Lana Palmer
Levi Plant
Kaliyona Taber

Grade 5:
Joaquin Abraham
Kolbey Carkner
Gavin Lyons
Nicholas Miller
Madison Pasquini
Rylee Pensack
Megan Reis
Madison Relyea
Maya Sanchez

Benjamin West

Grade 6:
Juilianna Britton
Bella Daguillo
Peyton Delvecchio
Emma Detlefsen
Emma Grugan
Hailey Jackson
Patrick Lendrum
Sadie Poole
Nick Quay

Maya Murphy
Megan Reis

Maya Murphy
Gabriella Sisson
Kyle Warken

Layla Cole
Scarlett Cole
Daniel O’Connell
Skylar Snyder

Mrs. Buehler:
Sierra Dinsmore
Bella Hess
Emma Roy

Mrs. Brazee:
Mason Rapp

Mr. Vogel:
Liam Ansboro
Emma Grugan
Abagail Peck
Kennedy Roe

Diana Colavito
Megan Reis

Myla Evans
Gabriella Lupi
Emma Rockenstyre
Gabriella Sisson