BKW Secondary School health & immunization requirements

NYS Law requires students entering 7th grade MUST have 1 dose of the Meningococcal vaccine.

Students entering 12th grade MUST have 2 doses of the Meningococcal Vaccine (1 dose if your child’s first dose was given on or after age 16). This record must be submitted to the Nurse’s Office by the first day of school or your child will be excluded, per New York state law. If your child does not have a Primary Doctor or insurance please call the Health Department to make an appointment.

  • Albany County Health Department 518-447-4589
  • Schoharie County Health Department 518-295-8365

At this time, the NYSDOH is not issuing exceptions for immunizations because of COVID-19.

Physical and Dental Requirements

NYS Law requires a physical exam for students in grades 7, 9 and 11, and all new students. A New York State licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner must complete the examination. Please submit a copy to the health office within 30 days. If your child has an appointment for an exam during this school year that is after the first 30 days of school, please notify the Health Office with the date.

A dental certificate that states your child has been seen by a dentist or dental hygienist is also asked for at the same time, for grades 7, 9 and 11. We suggest you make copies of the completed forms for your own records before sending them to the school health office.

All health forms can be mailed or faxed directly to school. These forms can also be emailed to the school nurse at Alicia.lounsbury@bkwschools.org. Fax No. 518-872-2083.

Other important information

Medications at school

For medication administered at school, parents must supply:

  • A note from the doctor stating medication to be given, dosage and time to be given. This applies to all medications including those sold over the counter, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil).
  • A note from a parent/guardian stating they would like medication given at the school.
  • Medication in a clearly labeled bottle from a pharmacy, with the current date

A parent is to bring in any medication to the school nurse. NO medication should ever be sent in on the school bus with a student.

Severe allergies

If your child has an allergy, such as to bees or food, and will need a medication in case of a reaction, the nurse must have the medication on hand and a current health care provider’s order.

In the event that your child must carry an inhaler or epi-pen on their person, the health care provider’s order must state that he/she may independently carry and use their medication.


Doctors may use their own forms or you can find the physical form, dental certificate and medication forms on our website. CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO HEALTH FORMS. Please contact the Secondary School Nurse with any questions.

Alicia Lounsbury, Secondary School Nurse
Email: Alicia.lounsbury@bkwschools.org
Phone: 518-872-1482
Fax: 518-872-2083
1738 Helderberg Trail
Berne, NY 12023