BKW prepares for COVID-19 testing of students and staff

Simple steps to school COVID-19 school testing

BKW, and school districts across the state, are preparing staff, students, and parents for districtwide COVID-19 testing should our region be designated a color zone by New York State. As we work together to meet the state’s requirements to keep our schools open, our kids learning, and our community safe we are asking for your continued support, cooperation, and patience. Our nurses and school leaders are working together to establish procedures that will help make the school testing process go smoothly when we need to begin testing. BKW Schools will inform people about possible testing dates and times as decisions are made regionally.

Your consent is needed

BKW asks for parental consent to conduct the simple, painless nose swab test on your child. To consent to testing, please fill out the consent form that was sent home or it may be downloaded and printed from the district website, filled out and sent to school. It’s important to know that while testing is voluntary, if BKW does NOT have at least 20% of its in-school population consenting to testing, the state will close our schools and force us to move to fully remote learning for everyone. Please consider consenting to the test. Here is the website link to the form:

Click to access Student-Testing-Consent-Form.pdf

Communicating results

Results are available within 15 minutes of administering the test. Parents will be notified of the test results. Positive test results will be shared with the local Departments of Health and parents will be provided with next steps.

Testing fast facts

  • Tests will only be administered by a school nurse or other qualified health professional.
  • The district is also considering a drive-through testing option at some point with a location to be announced.
  • The test is considered non-invasive. It requires a quick swab of the lower portion of the nostrils. The tests are fast and painless. They are not the deep-sinus swab tests.

Preparing younger children for testing procedures

If your children seem anxious about the test, it may be helpful if you prepare them for what to expect. Start by letting them know that their school nurse will be wearing a gown and face shield, which is not how they would normally see the nurse dressed. Students will be asked to pull their mask down so that their nose is sticking out. You could also demonstrate how the test will be done by taking Q-tip and swabbing around the very end of your child’s nose. Let them know the test may actually tickle.

Watch a COVID-19 testing video

We have also put together this short informational video with Nurse Johnson so students/staff can see firsthand what the test will entail. Take a look.