Secondary School Library

Located on the first floor of BKW Secondary School near the music room and auditorium, the library is a resource not just for students and teachers, but for the entire BKW community.

The library catalog can be accessed through an online database.  In addition, thanks to a service called Interlibrary Loan (ILL), we can borrow books and magazine articles from hundreds of school, public, and college libraries. The items are sent directly to BKW through a courier service, thus no travel is involved. So, if you can’t find what you want in our online catalog, please speak to Mrs. Davis and she will be happy to locate the item and interlibrary loan it for you. 

Policies and Procedures

Computer Use and Rules

All students have access to the Internet at school unless a custodial parent or guardian completes a Parent Opt-Out Form.

Students are welcome to use library computers for school-related research or to type assignments.

We discourage students from using the computers to access personal e-mail. However, students may ask the librarian first if they must use e-mail for school purposes.

Students are reminded to please ask before printing out materials.

Circulation Policies

There is no limit to the number of books that students may check out. Books may be checked out for three weeks at a time and may be renewed as needed. Magazines and reference materials cannot be checked out of the library, but are always available for reading and research during library hours.

Overdue/Lost Book Policy

If a student has one overdue book, then he/she cannot take out another book until the overdue one is returned. Students will receive an overdue notice when their book is two weeks past the due date. No student can take books out of the library until the lost book situation is resolved.

If a book has not been returned by the end of the year, the librarian will send a notice home directly to the parents/guardians. The student must pay to replace the book. The money will be returned if the book is eventually found.

Online Driver Permit Test

BKW High School students looking to receive their learner’s driving permit can now take the test via the Internet in the secondary school library. The online test is made available through the Online Knowledge Test Application program offered by the State Department of Motor Vehicles.

The service is designed to allow students ages 16 and older to obtain learner’s permits without the typically long wait at the local DMV. This service is only available to students.

Qualified students may stop by the secondary school library any time to pick up a copy of the state driver’s manual. Students cannot schedule a test until at least one week after picking up a manual. All tests must be scheduled with the librarian.

Students must bring a form of photo ID to their test appointment. The librarian will access the testing website to obtain a password for the student. After the student finishes the test, the librarian will let the student know if he or she has passed or failed the test. Students who pass the test are given a verification printout, which can be brought to the DMV.