Presidential Academic Awards for eighth-grade Class of 2027

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are happy to announce this year’s 8th-grade students that are being presented with a Presidential Academic Award. Please view the list of students recognized for this academic achievement.

Have a great summer!!

Excellence Award
(90+ Overall Average) 

Joaquin Abraham
Emma Anderson
Holly Bremer
Lindsey Bunt
Alexis Casey
Layla Cole
Charlotte Elble
Eden Elble
Madelyn Emmerich
Myla Evans
Henry Ferguson
Saige Hellwig
Evelyn Hopkins
Lilianna Hotaling
Jordan Jones
Olivia Kirker
Nicholas Miller
Madison Mosbey
Ava Murray
Ireland O’Donnell
Madison Pasquini
Miles Perkins
Megan Reis
Justin Stevens
Marshall Stevens
William Tobia
Benjamin West
Isabella Yakel

Achievement Award
(85-89.9 Overall Average) 

Kolbey Carkner
Carson Daguillo
Nicholas DeMarco
Gavin Lyons
John Meacham
Brady Quay
Madison Relyea
Blake Terrell
Sophie Tommell
William Woods
George Wright