Making a difference each day for each student: BKW to become a Trauma-Skilled School

Update: Check out photos of the sessions on our Facebook page

BKW is working to become a Trauma-Skilled School, a model program that gives educators and administrators proven tools to reduce the effects of stress and trauma on learning and behavior and promote a more positive environment both on campus and off.

First introduced to the program in September 2019, and building upon sessions from last February, BKW faculty and staff will again come together, virtually, on March 16 to work on building a culture of resilience. They will be led by a group of 13 fellow BKW staff members who have “trained as trainers” in Trauma-Skilled Schools under the guidance of John Gailer of the National Dropout Prevention Center. Gailer will also lead a video presentation at the March 16 sessions.

The training involves the entire school workforce, from those who work with students in the classroom and school buildings to those who provide support services such as transportation, food service and maintenance that likewise impact their daily well-being and success.

“District-wide, BKW is working toward becoming a Trauma-Skilled School system,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Timothy Mundell. “We are responding to the challenges facing our students, families and community by helping students develop their personal connections in school and realize a sense of belonging, regardless of their circumstances.

“We appreciate all that our faculty and staff do for our students. Every adult in the school has a chance each day to make a difference for a student,” Mundell added. “On March 16, our Trauma-Skilled Schools team members will help their BKW co-workers develop day-to-day strategies for connecting with students, building upon the positives while growing beneficial new skills.”

Upon reaching certification as a Trauma-Skilled School, BKW will be among the first in the region to achieve the designation.