Letter to the community from Superintendent Mundell

Dear BKW Community,

As the summer moves right along, we hope you are doing well, and we anticipate the new school year on the horizon. We are very excited to begin school this year, as there have been so many great things going on that will continue to move our district forward and provide students with outstanding learning opportunities.

Our capital project renovations are well under way at the secondary school. Secure entries, safer traffic and parking patterns, a new laptop computer lab, a new Agricultural Science lab, and relocated main office and guidance offices will transform the role and functioning of our secondary school. As we move into the school year, renovation work will begin in the elementary school during second shift hours. Classrooms will be renovated six at a time in phases throughout the year. This will require flexibility from all parties, but the outcome will be awesome for students.

We are very determined to continue our important work around taking care of students and ensuring they learn well. We believe that when we put students at the center of all our decisions, help them grow socially, emotionally, and academically, they will be ready for the world that awaits them when they graduate, so they can pursue the many opportunities ahead of them.

Personally, it is my responsibility to make sure BKW students have all of the same opportunities to excel as their peers across the region and state, regardless of learning ability, economics, gender, or zip code. We have worked hard to level the playing field for all students to achieve this kind of equity within our system, and in comparison to other districts. Thank you for your support and understanding as we strive forward on this critical issue in education.

To that end, our teachers, administrators, support staff, and Board members have been working hard over the summer to prepare our programs, facilities, and overall direction for the district for the coming year. For the first time in a long time, there is a growing alignment and coordination of resources between academic direction, support for students, facility utilization, and financial management. I commend our administrators, teachers and support staff for their daily efforts, and our Board of Education for their vision for the long-term good of the district and community.

We look forward to the coming year. It will be rewarding and exciting. “They are because we are.”

See you in September…

Dr. Timothy Mundell
Superintendent of Schools