District to seek new technology specialist

BKW Central School is preparing for its next step in advancing the district’s technology following the unexpected announcement that Technology Integration Specialist Lisa Cala Ruud is leaving in late August to become an Assistant Principal at Hudson City Schools.

“We are obviously disappointed to lose someone of Mrs. Cala Ruud’s caliber, but we understand her desire to advance her career,” said Superintendent Dr. Timothy Mundell.

Ms. Ruud began work at BKW in March. Since then, she advanced the district’s technology plan and Smart Schools implementation planning. She worked with the architect, construction manager, and engineers to include key technology needs in the capital project. She led the move to replace the district’s 14-year-old server. By the end of August, BKW will have a full inventory of its technology equipment, enabling officials to track each item and to better plan for the future. She led the change to gmail that will allow the district to become a Google Apps for Education School.

In looking for Ms. Ruud’s replacement, Dr. Mundell said the district has two needs. The first and most immediate is to find a person with a strong information technology (IT) background. This person would represent BKW throughout the construction process to make certain all construction technology improvements align with school’s technology plans and curriculum goals.

“We are working with NERIC, the Northeast Regional Information Center at BOCES, to find a person who can fill this gap for the next two years,” he added.

Once the IT infrastructure is complete, the district would look for a permanent hire who would focus on integrating that technology into the classroom.

“We want to empower every teacher to embed technology into learning,” said Dr. Mundell.

“Technology is a powerful and necessary tool in most career paths. It is a regular part of our day-to-day living. We want our students to effectively use that tool in their educations, their careers, and in life.”