COVID-19 surveillance testing begins in March

BKW will begin surveillance testing for COVID-19 in school beginning the week of March 1. Though not required of schools at this time, this random, weekly testing will help the district determine the overall presence of positive cases on campus and continue to provide a safe learning and working environment.

The details of the surveillance testing are as follows:

  • The surveillance testing will be conducted each Wednesday for the next several weeks.
  • Testing will be conducted in each building and will include students – but only those for whom the district has consent forms on file – and faculty/staff.
  • Participants will be selected randomly. Parents/guardians of randomly selected students (to include only those for whom consent forms are on file) will be notified prior to the day of testing.
  • All personally identifying information will be kept confidential.
  • Results will be attained within 15 minutes of the test, and any positive result will result in isolation and contact with any parent/guardian of a student who tests positive.

“We appreciate everyone’s continued support, cooperation, and patience as we work together to meet the state’s requirements to keep our schools open, our kids learning, and our community safe,” said Superintendent Dr. Timothy Mundell. “Please contact my office with any questions about our upcoming surveillance testing.”