BKW Elementary receives results of lead testing

As you may be aware, recent legislation requires public schools in New York to test for lead in all water outlets. This letter is to inform you of the results of our water testing with the assistance of a state-supported laboratory.

Of the 70 water outlets throughout the school building, only one was found to have lead levels exceeding the state-required action level of 15 parts per billion.

A wash basin in a science classroom tested with 288 parts per billion. This basin is not used for drinking or cooking.
The heightened levels are the result of the faucet inadvertently being plumbed with the hot and cold water feeds reversed. Hot water was running through an 80-year-old brass pipe and cold water through copper.

Per NYSED requirement, Lamont Engineers created an action plan needed to correct the situation. The hot and cold water lines will be reversed, and a new faucet fixture will be installed. Out of an abundance of caution, the basin has been marked and will not be used until the work is complete.

Results from the BKW Secondary School are expected within the next few weeks.