BKW elementary holds Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

girl dress in blue
BKW Elementary School students dress in blue to Stomp Out Bullying during Anti-Bullying Awareness Week.

BKW Elementary School concluded a successful Anti-Bullying Awareness Week (Oct. 21-25) sponsored by the Student Senate.

Some of the lesson learn and discussions during the week centered on:

  • Pre-Kindergarten — Kindness and being a good friend
  • Kindergarten — Name calling and being a good friend – Mrs. Landry
  • Grades 1-2 — Understanding and building empathy – Dr. Emmerich
  • Grade 3 — Defining four types of conflict and what leads up to bullying – Mrs. Larkin 
  • Grades 4-6 —Cyberbullying – Deputy Bray

The week concluded with a themed dress up day on Friday where students and staff wore blue in unity to Stomp Out Bullying!