BKW Community Survey- Health and safety measures and remote options

Dear BKW families, 

We hope you are enjoying the summer break and finding time with family and friends. At school, we continue to wait for guidance from NYS regarding reopening of schools in September. We are told that guidance will be coming out soon. There are several issues still unclear which have an impact on planning and scheduling, including topics like social distancing on buses and in the cafeteria, as well as cohorting in the secondary school. Mask use guidelines are also an issue for which schools seek clarity, as is remote learning.

It is very important that students return to in-person learning, and that it be as safe as possible for all learners and staff. We currently have three sets of guidelines as options for summer programs. Hopefully, fall guidelines will be similar to how we currently function. In order to plan, we would like some input from our community, particularly related to mask use and in-person learning. We are asking you to take a very brief online survey at the link below.


Please understand, we will use this information as best we can in combination with guidance issued by the NYS Department of Health and NYS Education Department. 

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support as we all seek to move beyond the pandemic. 


Dr. Timothy Mundell
Superintendent of Schools