6th grade honor students recognized at ice cream social

large group of students holding their award certificates

Congratulations to a large group of BKW sixth graders recognized Jan. 17 at an ice cream social for achieving High Honors, Honors and Honorable Mention status for the 1st Trimester of the 2019-20 school year.

students sit at a long tableParents and family members joined them in the school cafeteria to celebrate. Special guests included members of the Secondary School Honor Society who delivered special messages congratulating the youngsters on their accomplishments and encouraging them to continue working hard academically.

Honor Society members included Elizabeth Lendrum, Cheyenne Brooks and Luke Valachovic. Their messages were “don’t be afraid to fail,” “look at your teachers as friends,” “keep your friends close” and “good grades are worth the hard work.” The following sixth graders were honored with certificates:

High Honors

  • Aggelos Lefraditis
  • Philip Latham
  • Annie Lendrum
  • Patrick Lendrum
  • Lorelei Kuhn
  • Peyton Delvecchio


  • Clara Thomas
  • Sadie Poole
  • Justin Brink
  • Ella Roether
  • Jayden Buie

Honorable Mention

  • Emma Detlefsen
  • Dayne Coates
  • Jacob Judge
  • Marian Grant
  • Shane Kirker
  • Dane Delorm
  • Romas Przygoda
  • Chloe Blanck
  • Rayllee Fryer
  • Branden Redick
  • Ansley DeLosa
  • Nicholas Quay