Letter to BKW School community regarding COVID-19

Dear BKW School community,

This is a scary time for all. Not only the Coronavirus, but the daily stock market reports, and economic situations, along with panic at grocery stores, has simply put us all on edge. It is astounding the number of people waiting in lines to check out at stores in the last four days. It reminds me of the time in the 70’s when the “gas crisis” was so bad that my dad had to be in line at 4 am on “even numbered days” to be sure he had enough gasoline to get to work 50 miles away. Those days seemed like an eternity at the time, and, as a very dark part of our national history as the most prosperous nation of all time.

Now, with significantly more life experience, I am able to see the fluctuations and challenges we experience are temporary. Indeed, life teaches us to take the long view. We are not in control of everything as humans, and we must be ready to absorb those things for which we do not have control. And, at the same time, we must see those uncontrollable issues as opportunities to find new solutions and new paths forward. This is what makes our Nation special, and always has. This spirit is in every one of us, as it lies somewhere in our ancestry; that is why they came to America.  

In BKW, we are a community that is committed to one another, supports one another, and believes in the positive good we can do together. My family knows this first hand, and feels it every day. We appreciate the support, as we understand it as “community”, in the sense of belonging and care for others. We are grateful for this sense of belonging.

As we all grapple with the issues imposed upon us by the larger world, culture, and media at this time, let’s remember our community, and draw strength to simply go forward with resilience. I came from a family and community that had “grit,” defined as the courage, resolve, and strength of character to simply get through every situation. In the last 5+ years, I have learned about the BKW community, its history, and its newness. This community has that same spirit of grit. As one from a community with grit, to all those in this community of grit, we are in today’s challenge together. Our grit to be a community together will carry us through today’s challenge, and every situation going forward

Take this week to hug your kids, love your family, get fresh air and sunshine, and with a deep breath, we will all go forward, continuing to chase the vision we see for our kids, our school, and our community. Fear, anxiety, and worry will only put a lid on possibilities. The circumstances we are facing will move on, and so we will move on to greatness. We are in this together.

BKW Proud!!!

Dr. Timothy Mundell
Superintendent of Schools