Honor Roll for First Trimester (Grade 6)

Congratulations to our sixth-grade students who achieved Honor Roll High Honors, Honors, and Honorable Mentions during the first trimester marking period for the 2022-23 school year.

High Honors

Emma Carey
Nicholas Delguidice
Brynn Ferguson
Max Needham
Lillian Perkins
Roger Schultz


Noelle Ballato
Andrew Bates
Connor Brundage
Paisley Bunt
Bryce Dexter
Tracy Freer
Joseph Galea
Alexa Hubbard
Kayden Lovell
Jameson Poole
Teagan Quinn
Leah Stoliker
Alexadria Reamer
Atticus Roether
Evangeline Sanchez
Molly Shaver
Natalie Siciliano
Skyler Stevens

Honorable Mention

Brayden Miham
Lilliana Morelli
Makenzie Richmond-Gladieux
Jaxson Robinson
Jena Sisson
Giuseppe Viglione