Elementary School Library

Located on the second floor of BKW Elementary School, the library acts as a resource for elementary school classes to supplement subjects of study and build student reading and research skills.

Library Policies and Procedures

Library Rules

  • Act in a safe, honest, respectful way.
  • Be kind to others with words and actions.
  • Use good manners.
  • Follow directions when they are given.
  • Speak with a quiet voice.
  • Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself.
  • Walk.
  • No food, drink or gum is allowed.
  • Internet research computers must be used for educational purposes only.

Circulation Policies

Kindergartners may take out one book at a time. Students in grades 1-5 may take out two books at a time. Students may exchange their books daily. Books may be checked out for up to two weeks and may be renewed as needed.

Overdue/Lost Book Policy

If a student has one overdue book, then he/she may not take out another book until the overdue one is returned. Students will receive an overdue notice when their book is two weeks past the due date. No student can take books out of the library until the lost book situation is resolved.

If a book has not been returned by the end of the year, the librarian will send a notice home directly to the parents/guardians. The student must pay to replace the book. The money will be returned if the book is eventually found.