Putting student safety first

Transporting students safely to and from school and school-related events is the number one priority of BKW’s Transportation Department.

Each school day, BKW buses cover a total of 126 square miles transporting students to and from school, athletic events, field trips, and private and parochial schools. 

Bus Procedures

Students who use BKW transportation are expected to ride on their assigned bus to and from school. If a student needs to take an alternate bus, he or she must provide a note, signed by a parent or guardian, to the main office of their school at the start of the school day for which the change is to take place.

A note is also required if the child is on the same bus but getting off at a different stop.

Non-Idling Policy

State law requires that all school buses, as well as other school vehicles, turn off their engines when loading or unloading students on school grounds, except when necessary for heating, mechanical, or emergency reasons.

Transportation requests

Requests for transportation to private or parochial schools are due to the transportation office in spring for the following school year. Contact the transportation office for more information. 

National School Bus Safety Week

The district recognizes and participates in National School Bus Safety Week, which is held each year in October.