Democracy by design: Students to vote on classmates’ artwork Tuesday, May 16

The budget’s not the only thing on the ballot this Tuesday, May 16. Students can vote on their favorite bulldog design, created by their peers in the high school.

Earlier this year, students in Mrs. Johnson’s Graphic Design class were asked to create an image that they felt would be a good representation of BKW schools.

“I challenged Mrs. Johnson’s students to come up with a design that is modern, eye-catching, and indicative of the culture of growth and learning that we’re cultivating here at BKW,” said Superintendent Tim Mundell. “By allowing students to vote on the designs, we’re teaching them about the democratic process and good citizenship.”

Students in all grades are welcome to vote for their favorite design, just outside of the secondary school auditorium, where the budget vote and board elections will take place. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The winning design will be featured prominently in the secondary school and may be used in BKW promotional material.

“I’m very impressed with the talent our students possess and the hard work that went into these concepts,” said Mundell. “I commend Mrs. Johnson and her students for a job well done.”

The designs are listed below, in the order in which they’ll appear on the ballot.

Bulldog Design 1 Bulldog Design 2 Bulldog Design 3 Bulldog Design 4 Bulldog Design 5 Bulldog Design 6 Bulldog Design 7 Bulldog Design 8 Bulldog Design 9