Coronavirus update – April 1 – BKW Internet hotspots available, Governor’s orders continuity of learning

BKW offers Internet hotspot points for families

BKW Schools have set up several hotspot points located around the school district to assist families with internet access. They are:

  • Westerlo Town Park
  • Green Acres
  • Berne Senior Center
  • Knox Town Highway Garage
  • Old East Berne Fire Department (across from Dollar General)

1. Schools district vehicles will park at each location with a hotspot device
2. Password for the device will be posted on the window of the vehicle
3. Hotspots available daily from 9:30 am-12:30 pm and 2:30 pm-5:30 pm

Additional existing hotspots:

  • Berne Public Library
  • BKW Elementary Parking Lot
  • Knox Town Hall (password- knox)

Governor orders continuity of instruction

On March 27, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order closing schools until at least April 15. During this time, schools are required to provide continuity of instruction, meals for students and information on available childcare resources every weekday, including days originally part of the previously scheduled spring break.
BKW teachers have been sharing learning resources with our students and connecting with our parents and guardians throughout the school closure period. On April 1, teachers will be providing instruction, using approved platforms, that will move our students and classes forward by introducing the teaching of new content. Teachers and staff will continue to provide equal access to all students and collaborate to best meet individual student needs.
It is very important to know that we expect all students to make every reasonable effort to engage in these learning opportunities. Students’ work will be assessed to determine if they have demonstrated evidence of learning pertaining to essential content, concepts and skills. If a student has not yet demonstrated this level of understanding, teachers will designate their progress as “incomplete,” and will provide additional opportunities for them to resubmit work.
College-level and AP classes may be handled differently based on the direction provided by associated institutions and the College Board. Students who owe third-quarter work prior to March 13 should work with their teachers to make up that work.
We appreciate the valuable role that our parents and guardians play in educating our children, as well as the challenges they may face. We value your partnership as we move forward in doing what is best for our students.
To stay up to date about the latest news and resources related to the COVID-19 situation, please visit our website’s coronavirus update page ( for information about:
·        Instructional resources and information for students and families;
·        Meal distribution times and locations; and
·        Childcare resources for families of essential workers.
We understand the stress that may be caused by the current situation. Please know that we are here to support you. Parents and guardians have to manage many personal and professional responsibilities. As we often tell our students, we can try to make each day the best one possible, while working through our challenges together. 
Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and support.
Dr. Timothy Mundell
Superintendent of Schools