Adopted state budget begins to clear BKW budget picture

Now that New York has adopted its state budget, BKW officials can work toward finalizing a budget proposal to present to the board of education.

“Each year, our budget process comes to a standstill while the state hammers out its budget,” said Superintendent Dr. Timothy Mundell.

“We know the foundation aid in the governor’s proposal in January will be the most conservative. We wait until the governor and the legislature adopt the New York budget before we can move ahead with confidence. This is because foundation aid accounts for more than 40 percent of our revenue and changes can have a major effect on our budget plans.”

Foundation aid are revenues the district can spend where needed to meet the educational needs of the students. Other aids such as transportation, debt service, hardware and technology, and software, library, and textbook must be used for those expenses.

What’s ahead

Despite predictions of bigger increases in school aid, BKW’s foundation aid in the adopted budget increased by roughly $30,000 over the governor’s plan. The smaller-than-hoped-for increase will little effect on preliminary figures. Although the details are not settled, district officials are planning for a 0.5 percent tax levy increase.

The board of education will adopt the proposed budget on Monday, Apr. 15.