District Statement on Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order

A new federal tax bill was signed into law on Dec. 22 that caps the allowable deduction for state and local income, sales and property taxes at $10,000 beginning in 2018.  This means that any state and local taxes paid in excess of $10,000 can no longer be used as deductions to federal taxes beginning …


January Letter from Dr. Pitterson

Please see the PDF version of this letter for a survey on a JROTC program at the high school. Dear Parent/Guardian, We have been busy here in the secondary school attending to procedural routine issues as well as planning for the future to ensure that your child is and will continue get a wholesome educational …


Statement on Elementary Speech Therapy program

We have heard parent concerns regarding the speech therapy program at the Elementary School and we recognize them. At the same time, we would like to take a brief moment to clarify some erroneous information that has been put out there about the program. First, this is not a budget issue. No budgetary issue, no …

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