Secondary students take on classic car restoration project

group gathers around old Corvette

There are school projects but then there are projects that become “classics.” Those are the kind of projects BKW Secondary School students want to get involved in.

With the support of their teachers and the community, students plan to spend the next year restoring a 1976 Corvette Stingray donated by Paul and Diane Malecki and delivered to the school this week.

High school junior River Townsend approached his technology teacher Josh Baker and Career and College Readiness Coordinator Bonnie Kane with the idea.

BKW teachers went to work on how to make this opportunity happen for the benefit of all students. Technology teacher William Dergosits helped River to draft letters to local car dealerships asking for leads on classic project cars. Mr.

Baker worked with River to look for quality classic cars to restore. Agriculture teacher Michaela Kehrer found a restoration grant to offset the cost of the restoration.

River and a team of students will be working on different facets of the project making an itemized list of parts needed for restoration and putting together an action plan for the restoration process. They plan to use technology at the school to innovate, fabricate, and 3D print many of the parts necessary for the restoration. They hope to have the project completed by May 2023, then put the car on display. A drawing will be held for the car, with proceeds funding future projects of this nature.

“Inspiration comes in many forms,” Kane said. “This is just one of the many ways that students are finding engagement and individual pathways to success at BKW. With the support of our team of teachers, we are able to work with students to develop their individual interests and passions. We are so grateful to have such a supportive community who is willing to help provide these opportunities to students.”

old Corvette on a trailer