Principal’s message from May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

On May 1, 2020, Governor Cuomo extended the closure of schools for the remainder of the school year based on the continuation of New York State’s social distancing guidelines. This executive order will be having some major effects on the school’s scheduled calendar events for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. 

Our Senior Class Awards Night, which is scheduled for June 11, will still be held but with some modifications. These awards to recognize our seniors for their achievements will be done virtually. The Guidance Department will be notifying the seniors and their parents of how to log in to attend.

Grade 8 Moving Up Ceremony, which is scheduled for June 18, will be postponed. If possible we will try to do something at a later date to recognize this important milestone. However, we will still be recognizing the outstanding grade eight students in various areas at the scheduled Moving Up Ceremony time on June 18. This event will also be held virtually using the computer. Please look out for more information and an invitation from the Guidance Department. 

We at BKW Secondary School recognize the hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions that students make during their time in school. Things such as who they choose to befriend, courses to take, to study or not, how much to challenge themselves, sports to play, etc., all of which have played monumental roles in their successful completion of high school. Consequently, we understand the importance and significance of the high school graduation to all students. To highlight this, some of the teachers in the school district decided that they wanted to celebrate the members of the graduating class by donating money to produce individual student signs honoring each member of the class. This was truly a heartwarming gesture.

Based on the current social distancing guidelines and the governor’s executive order, we will not be able to have our scheduled graduation at The Egg on June 27 as scheduled. However, we have been looking into other venues and formats for graduation. The senior class advisors have reached out to the members of the class to get their input on some suggested graduation venues and formats. I do think we have found some potential, exciting graduation alternatives, but we strongly believe that the students should be a part of this process. Further communication on graduation will be sent as soon as a final decision is made. Please note that graduation may take place in June, July or August.  

The month of June is only two weeks away. This means that the school year is rapidly winding down. You will be notified by the superintendent as to the final day of instruction. However, if the school year were a race, we would now be in the final stretch heading for the finish line. It is critical that you encourage your child/children to not give up now. In fact, some students may need to start putting out more effort now in order to successfully complete the year in all their courses.

I have convened a committee to look into how we will determine students’ final grades since they have not been in the building since March 13. You will be kept apprised of the method that will be used in calculating your child’s final grades in a subsequent letter before the ending of the school year. Until then, again continue to ensure that your child/children are doing their best.

Due to the abrupt ending of regular in-school instruction, students were unable to clean out their lockers. To facilitate a speedy retrieval of items, the custodians will be bagging all the contents of the lockers and leave them there for pick up. Please follow the locker cleanout schedule below in order to have a speedy and safe completion of this process. All locks have been taken off the lockers and students will be reimbursed their $5 deposit when they come to pick up the contents of their lockers.

                          Locker Cleanout Schedule:
Monday, June 1: Grade 7 (Last Name beginning A to J)
Tuesday, June 2: Grade 7 (Last Name beginning K to Z)
Wednesday, June 3: Grade 8 (Last Name beginning A to J)
Thursday, June 4: Grade 8 (Last Name beginning K to Z)
Friday, June 5: Grade 9 (Last Name beginning A to J)
Monday, June 8: Grade 9 (Last Name beginning K to Z)
Tuesday, June 9: Grade 10 (Last Name beginning A to J)
Wednesday, June 10: Grade 10 (Last Name beginning K to Z)
Thursday, June 11: Grade 11 (Last Name beginning A to J)
Friday, June 12: Grade 11 (Last Name beginning K to Z)
Monday, June 15: Grade 12 (Last Name beginning A to J)
Tuesday, June 16: Grade 12 (Last Name beginning K to Z)

Locker cleanouts will be from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If that time doesn’t work for you, please call the main office and schedule a day and time that you will be able to come in. Families with more than one student in the building may clean out their lockers at the first grade-level cleanout.

All text books that are not currently being used should be returned to the main office. Students who have text books at home but are still using them may drop them off at a later date.

Please note that anyone entering the building must be wearing a mask. No more than three families will be allowed in the building at the same time. There should be no socializing in the building.

Please continue to be safe.

Mark. A. Pitterson, Ed.D. 
Secondary Principal