Letter from Dr. Mundell on Capital Project newsletter

Dear BKW Community,

In the next few days a newsletter containing all pertinent information about the capital project proposal will be mailed to community residents. We believed the newsletter to be an important tool in providing information for community members in preparation for the voting to take place on November 2.

The newsletter itself was designed and developed by the Communications Service of Capital Region BOCES, as is the case with all of our newsletters. I want to alert you to an error on the document in advance of your receiving it. Once the content was reviewed and given approval, the communications service placed the content into an existing four page template which had been used for a newsletter last winter. Although all content pertaining to the project is accurate, the listing of members of the Board of Education was not updated in the template used. Therefore you will see an inaccurate listing of board members. The list does not include Mrs. Lounsbury and Mrs. Lovell. The error came to my attention as we were preparing bundles for mailing. I immediately spoke with the communications service specialist handling the project for us. He accepted responsibility for the error. Given the timeframe leading up to the November 2 voting, it was not feasible to correct the error and get the newsletter out in a timely manner for resident review. I have spoken with the District Superintendent of Capital Region BOCES, Anita Murphy, to express my concerns over the error. She accepted full responsibility for the error and extended her deepest apologies.

The Board of Education has been very thorough in its work on developing this project. To that end, Mrs. Lounsbury and Mrs. Lovell, since taking office after the May election to their respective seats, have been an integral part of the work, and it is important to acknowledge this. We are fortunate to have such a diligent group of community members working together on behalf of students and the district.

Should you have any questions on this issue, I may be reached at 518-872-1293. Once again, voting on the capital project will be held on November 2, from 6 am to 8 pm, in the secondary auditorium. We encourage you to be a part of the process.

Dr. Timothy Mundell
Superintendent of Schools

Please click here to see a corrected version of the newsletter in PDF format.