Hybrid learning inspires awesome project

finished go kart

During a school year marked by hybrid learning due to the pandemic, a BKW Secondary School teacher was inspired to “do something a little different” with his students, resulting in a project that taught them a wide range of skills and produced an awesome end product.

Students in technology teacher Joshua Baker’s Transportation Systems class designed, built and tested a go kart.

“The go kart project was an awesome undertaking by the students in the Transportation Systems class at BKW,” Baker said, reflecting on the project. “With the hybrid learning model that we used for instruction, I wanted to do something a little different than normal.

“This project was done completely from scratch, with about 80 percent of the parts being made by the students. Processes learned included: welding, metals fabrication, tube bending, layout, and many others,” Baker continued.

“Students were required to read plans provided and duplicate parts to specification. It allowed them to work on different parts individually and then work together as a team to assemble them.

“It truly was a great experience, because it allowed students to get an understanding of the basic systems of a land vehicle, as well as collaborate with each other to get an end product.”

go kart in progress