Fifth grade fun & lots of learning

students sitting at decorated tables, standing at table

On Mrs. Malone’s last day before heading out on leave, and Mrs. Mackey taking over, their 5th grade students hosted the first-ever Student Market. The class created products based on their consumer’s interests, and they then determined their expenses, profits and more.

Thanks to our amazing and supportive families buying students the supplies they needed, 2nd and 3rd graders could spend some (pretend) money to go home with great products.

The students who made the most Student Market profit, Kayden and Jameson, earned more than $110 in pretend money. They sold fake shark tooth necklaces and rubber band bracelet.

students standing together, sitting at decorated table

Science & candy
The students also enjoyed another cool knowledge-building activity: While learning about the digestive system in science, they teamed up and created a digestive system entirely out of candy.