ABC Countdown to Summer!

BKW Elementary School’s ABC Countdown to Summer begins May 12. Students will be celebrating their last 26 days of school with activities from A to Z.

Tuesday, May 12, is Animal Day: Do your work with your favorite stuffed animal or pet!
Wednesday, May 13, is Breakfast for Dinner Day: Eat your favorite breakfast for dinner with your family!
Thursday, May 14, is Crazy Hair Day: Style your hair in a fun and crazy way!
Friday, May 15, is Dance Party Day: Have a dance party with your family.
Monday, May 18, is Exercise Day: Try a new exercise.
Tuesday, May 19, is Favorite Food Day: Make your favorite food with your family.
Wednesday, May 20, is Game Night: Have a family game night!
Thursday, May 21, is Hat Day: Wear your favorite hat all day!
Friday, May 22, is Insect Day: Go outside and look for an insect. Draw or
write about it.
Monday, May 25 (Memorial Day – No classes today), is Joke Day Share your favorite joke with everyone you know! LOL! ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Tuesday, May 26, is Kindness Day: Do an act of kindness for someone.
Wednesday, May 27, is Letter Writing Day: Write a letter and mail it to a friend or family member.
Thursday, May 28, is Maroon & Gold Day: School Spirit! Wear your school colors!
Friday, May 29, is New Name Day: Change your name for the day!
Monday, June 1, is Outrageous Outfit Day: Wear your most outrageous clothing!
Tuesday, June 2, is Picnic Day: Have a picnic with your family!
Wednesday, June 3, is Quiet Contest Day: Have a quiet contest with your family! Shhhh!
Thursday, June 4, is Really “Cool Dawgs” Day: Wear your favorite sunglasses!
Friday, June 5, is Sports and Games Day: Join in the virtual Field Day with Mr. Larson!
Monday, June 8, is Thank You Day: Make a thank you card for a parent, sibling,
teacher or anyone special!
Tuesday, June 9, is Under A Tree Day: Read your favorite book under a tree. Don’t forget your Umbrella in case it’s raining.
Wednesday, June 10, is Video Day: Watch your favorite video with your family
Thursday, June 11, is Water Day: Go outside and play in the water. Don’t
forget your sunscreen!
Friday, June 12, is X-change Memories Day: Share your favorite memories from the school year with your family during dinner.
Monday, June 15, is Year End Clean-Up Day: Help clean up the house and yard to get ready for summer!
Tuesday, June 16 (Last school day to be confirmed on 5/15), is Zoom Out Day: Congratulations! It’s the last day of school!

Enjoy your summer! We will miss you!