BKW releases Health and Safety measures community survey results

As we now enter August and look to the start of school in a few weeks, BKW and all school districts continue awaiting guidance from New York State education and health officials on what that school reopening will look like. We hope to have more information to share with you later in the week.

In the meantime, BKW schools and our Board of Education conducted a short survey over the past two weeks to give us a pulse for what the community felt would be appropriate safety measures going forward. We hope to use this local feedback to the degree possible as we develop reopening policy understanding that we are bound by the guidance and decisions made by state and federal authorities.

That being said, the district received 259 responses to our reopening survey and we’d like to share those results with you today. We thank everyone for taking the time to share your input into this important undertaking and we appreciate your support and understanding over the past 18 months as we continue to deal with unprecedented circumstances during this COVID-19 pandemic. The survey results are below.

survey charts-1

survey charts-2

survey charts-3