Second quarter Secondary School honor roll

BKW Secondary School proudly announces the school’s 2018-19 Second Quarter Honor Roll recipients. 7th Grade High Honors (95^) Skylyn Fryer, Emma Gardiner, Jodie Howland,  Kathryn Joslin, Antonina Lefkaditis, Sara Macrina, Ruby Poole Honors (90^) Angelina Carpenter, Faith Coates, Emma Cyr, Lauren Emmerich, Richard Harris, Mackenzie Lawrence, Rylee Quay, Sadie Plant, Abigail Pasquini, Blake Shaver, Lena Thomas, Tyler Weidman Honorable Mention (85^) Dominick Plouffe, Kaylee Sperry, Kaci Anderson, …


Getting ready to take NYS assessments on computers

This year, some BKW elementary students will take a portion of their New York State assessments on computers. For parents, that sounds a bit scary. For students, who are growing up in the digital age, technology is a regular part of their world. That does not mean, however, that all students have the same access …


They are because we are – Blue Bag Program

We found a group of volunteers who dedicate hours each month to get books into the hands of BKW students. Retired BKW teacher Judy Tambasco brought the Blue Bag Program to school, believing children would read if they had a steady flow of books to read. She was right. Meet Judy Tambasco and her group …

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