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Second grade students create online storybook

Mrs. Tiffany's class storybookAlways looking for unique ways to teach her students, Mrs. Tiffany recently had the grandmother of one of her second grade students come in to share a lesson on technology. Jane Keyes, the grandmother of second grade student Austin Keyes, regularly goes to various schools around the region and teaches administrators and teachers how to use the iPad and integrate it's technology into the classroom.

In early February, Jane stopped by Mrs. Tiffany's class to help students create an online storybook about lessons and activities that the class has taken part in so far this year. The kids had such a wonderful time, Mrs. Tiffany plans to have Ms. Keyes come back to her classroom again to help students create these online storybooks for an upcoming lesson plan.

A few of the pages in Mrs. Tiffany's class' online storybook. Click the image to view the entire storybook.

Click here to view the online storybook created by Mrs. Tiffany's second grade class.